August 12, 2014

L2 launches the Telemarketing format for L2 DataMapping


L2 is excited to announce a new way to utilize our high quality voter data with a Telemarketing Export Format.

With one click, L2 DataMapping users will be able to export their targeted voters in a pre-householded format with up to ten targeted voters listed in each record. Household information will appear at the beginning of each record followed by individual demographic data for up to ten additional selected voters from that household.

Why use the Telemarketing Format?

This format is often preferred by telemarketing firms wishing to have a single record per unique residence household telephone number with all targeted voters in that household appearing in the same record thus allowing the telemarketer making the call to identify the voter answering the call from the choices onscreen.

By including all registered voters in each of your targeted households, you’ll be virtually guaranteeing that the telemarketer will be able to associate the survey responses with the correct voter in the household thus solving the problem of the wrong voter answering the phone.

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