September 2, 2014

L2 Unveils "QuickConnect" for L2 DataMapping


L2 QuickConnect allows you to send data files directly from L2 DataMapping to pollsters, mail houses, online advertisers, general consultants and telemarketing firms.

How it works inside L2 DataMapping:

  • Create a universe and purchase your records
  • Find your service provider by party affiliation and type of service with the L2 QuickConnect button
  • Start sending files or inquiries to your provider with just a few clicks

QuickConnect will not only create a seamless connection with your existing service providers but will also introduce you to a new set of partners and providers.   Vendors will benefit by advertising their services to thousands of new potential clients.

For more information on QuickConnect, L2 DataMapping or any L2 product or service contact:

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