September 3, 2014

Florida's newest Congressional Districts are up in L2 DataMapping

The original swing state has just come to a resolution on redistricting after another multi-year controversy.  From Bloomberg:

Florida’s Republican-led legislature in 2012 approved its redistricting plan, which was signed into law by Governor Rick Scott, a Republican. Voting-rights groups sued, claiming the map violated the state constitution. 

Democrats won the overall suit prompting changes to two districts, Congressional District 5 near Jacksonville and Congressional District 10 near Orlando.  The changes however effected the lines of five additional districts.   Democrats wanted the newly approved lines implemented immediately for the 2014 election, a state Judge sided with the GOP allowing this year's elections to be run under the 2012 lines.

While these rulings give both Democrats and Republicans something to be angry about, L2 DataMapping and L2 ConstituentMapping users can be very happy.   In addition to the current districts seen under "Area Selections" > U.S. Congressional Districts (see 'Image A' below), L2 has included the new districts set to go into place immediately after the 2014 midterms.



(Image A)

You can find the new "August 2014" districts under Area Selections > Miscellaneous Districts > Other (see 'Image B' below).


(Image B)

(Image B)


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