September 15, 2014

Legalize It? Get the best look at support for Marijuana legalization

Marijuana law reform is appearing on ballots across the country and has shifted turnout and in some cases changed the entire focus of an election. That's why L2 is proud to bring you a unique set of data, created under the direction of Audience Partners, to give you the best model of likely support for or opposition to marijuana legalization.

Audience Partners working with Stones' Phones contacted over half a million voters in 14 states resulting in 13,000 completed surveys where respondents were asked various questions relating to marijuana legalization, including:

  • General legalization
  • Support for medical marijuana
  • Different levels of acceptable restrictions on marijuana




Once the polling was complete, The Pivot Group, a national direct mail and data analytics firm, analyzed the data.  The result was a profile of voters who support, oppose and are persuadable based on responses and matched to L2’s national voter file as licensed by Audience Partners.  All voters nationwide have now been assigned a score indicating their probability of supporting or opposing marijuana legalization.

This powerful data will allow campaigns and advocacy groups to hyper target and reach voters and voter segments across multiple communication channels including: digital advertising channels such as online video, display, mobile and social media, direct mail, telephone calls and canvassing. This will be especially useful for:

  • Fundraising
  • Messaging and differentiation
  • Get out the vote (GOTV)
  • Persuasion of the undecided


If you're interested in purchasing this critical data set please contact L2's Paul Westcott for more information: [email protected] and if you’re interested in connecting this data with digital advertising please contact Jordan Lieberman at [email protected] or 202-544-5471.

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