September 28, 2014

Pushing the right "hot buttons" with L2

L2 Voter Data: Lifestyle & Issues

At the heart of any data driven campaign is the desire to understand your potential voters and donors as individuals. That's why L2 has teamed up with HaystaqDNA, one of the top voter data modeling firms in the country, to bring your campaign or organization valuable “hot-button” issue scores. L2 gives you the ability to go beyond the top line items in the voter file (marital status, Party ID, gender) and speak to potential targets based on their support for or opposition to:

  • The Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”)
  • Gay Marriage Legalization
  • Gun Control
  • Conservative Judges

...and based on whether their social views can be described in general as “conservative” or “liberal”.

The issue and social view scoring by HastaqDNA has been performed for nearly 100% of voters nationwide and can supplement the self-reported data that already exists in DataMapping.  Given the broad coverage of the modeling, the data can be used to influence your messaging or media campaign and GOTV. Like all of L2's unique and high quality data our issue data can be put into action immediately in list form or visualized in our unique online high speed data visualization system L2 DataMapping.

L2 also offers a large and growing set of hobby and interest data. Within our system you can select hunters, history and military buffs, home improvement, casino-goers, sports activists and pet owners to name a few.

If your campaign or organization is looking for the ability to reach the right voters, right now without breaking the bank, contact or 646-457-1439.

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