March 2, 2015

API's now available from L2

L2 is now offering multiple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for use in accessing its U.S. National Voter File. Through these APIs, a variety of functionality is available and detailed API documentation will be provided upon request. The three major types of functionality are described below along with pricing.

VoterMapping Data API

The VoterMapping Data API allows users to query a single state voter file or the entire U.S. voter file. The query can be performed on the basis of multiple fields in any combination including name and address. Records can be queried for counting purposes returning an integer representing the total number of voters meeting the filtering criteria. A separate query can then cause those records to be downloaded in two different field sets and either as JSON strings (for small files) or as CSV data (for larger files). One field set includes the full voter record with commercial data. A second “minimal” field set returns only name, address, congressional district, state senate district, state house district, state legislative district, county and precinct. Additional features include the ability to query on the basis of distances from a central point. The query sets the initial latitude/longitude of the center of a circle and the number of meters from that central point to the furthest point requested. All data meeting this area selection (along with all other filtering criteria) can then be returned as a count or a data file.


Charges are $500.00 per month for the licensing fee. This licensing fee includes an unlimited number of “count” queries and up to 25,000 records downloaded in the “minimal” field set format Additional minimal field set downloads are billed at $5.00 per thousand with a minimum charge per month of $10.00 if the 25,000 count is exceeded. Full record downloads are charged at 2.5 cents per record and are not included in the licensing fee. Because of the support needs, clients are required to sign up initially for at least a 6 month subscription. Those signing up for a 12 month subscription will receive a 10% discount.

VoterMapping Embedded Client API

The embedded client API allows users to embed an instance of the VoterMapping interface in an iFrame within their own application. Full side panel controls are visible and operational. Counts can be taken, universes created and data downloaded just as if the user had navigated directly to Additional more complex functionality exists. The embedded client API has the same cost structure as the VoterMapping Data API and simply acts as additional functionality for it.

VoterMapping Customer Management API

The customer management API gives the user the ability to create and manage VoterMapping customer accounts through its own interface. This API is useful if the user plans to embed the VoterMapping functionality into its own interface and manage client relationships. Querying and billing for purchased records still occurs through the L2 VoterMapping customer billing system. This functionality has the same cost structure as the VoterMapping Data API and simply acts as an additional feature set.

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