March 2, 2015

Data questions from CPAC


L2 was on hand for this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that brings together conservative activists, campaign professionals, PACs & associations and Presidential candidates.  L2 was on hand to speak with all of these groups about using data to raise money, awareness and of course win. Here are the most common questions and our answers from the L2 booth at CPAC 2015:

Q: How does your data differ from party data?

A: At L2 we pride ourselves on having the highest quality or 'cleanest' data in the industry. Political data from any other source including the parties doesn't go through the rigorous L2 scrubbing process. The other way L2 and our data differs from party data is that your lists will never be shared. Most of the major partisan providers or the parties themselves ask for your data in return for theirs, we will never do that.

Q: Where do you get your data?

A: Our data is all based around state and county level voter files and goes through a rigorous cleaning process. We include data from a number of commercial sources, the census and state and federal level contribution data. See some of our hundreds of enhancements here.

Q: I only need fundraising data, can L2 VoterMapping help me?

A: L2 VoterMapping has an entire menu dedicated to contributions (see below) to give you the ability to target past donors. You can sort these donors by individual causes, how many contributions have been made on the state level and of course data from the Federal Elections Commission. Remember, FEC data is for analysis purposes only.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 8.18.02 AM

For more information on how L2 data or L2 VoterMapping can help you win, raise money or communicate contact Paul Westcott.

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