March 16, 2015

Advanced L2 VoterMapping Training 3/18/15

Every Wednesday at 1pmEDT L2 staff walks L2 VoterMapping users and prospective users through different features of the platform. This weeks training (3/18/15) at 1pmEDT is with L2 Marketing & Communications Director Paul Westcott on the following advanced uses of L2 VoterMapping:

1. Merge two or more universes

2. Find overlapping voters by intersecting two universes

3. Subtract two or more universes

4. Expand a universe to include all voters in a household (especially helpful for mailing list creation)

5. Create a universe with just one voter per household

Plus you'll see some of the latest updates and features added to L2 VoterMapping.

Sign Up:

Please email Paul Westcott  for more information or to register for this week's training.


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