March 16, 2015

Updates to L2 VoterMapping

L2 VoterMapping is the fastest and most user friendly online voter file visualization platform on the market. We're able to keep L2 VoterMapping first in class through constant updates without affecting the ease of use.

Create PDF Reports: Create viewable and printable reports instantly within L2 VoterMapping. Show clients a breakdown of data within any given area and use multiple data sources to compare data side-by-side.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 2.33.46 PM

Full record data available in map: For purchased records you'll be able to select an individual and see all of the details on that voter instantly.

Subscription expiration warning: When your subscription is under 14 days from expiration a notice will popup upon login, giving you contact information on how to renew and showing the number of days left in your subscription.

Easier navigation: The search box 'form' at the top of the menu is now collapsible and will start collapsed when you login.

You won't be logged out anymore: When your session expires you will be given the option in a dialog within L2 VoterMapping allowing you to keep working without going back to square one. Users will also be able to save work without any loss of data.



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