May 26, 2015

L2 commercial data taking you beyond the voter file

L2's commercial file is built on our high quality and constantly updated voter file. These frequent updates include running our file against the National Change of Address database (NCOA), the Social Security Death Index and five national sources for telephone numbers. In addition to our high quality voter, address and phone data L2 has hundreds of selections of commercial data to help organizations better target an individual voter or donor.

Likely Union Household: Using the commercial file L2 has determined likely union households based on 50+ likely union occupations.

Hobbies & Interests Data: Target the individual with scores of hobby & interest data from commercial sources. This data includes buyer of antiques, stamp collector, coin collector, interest in running, health, spectator sports including football, baseball, hockey and many others.

Income: Know individuals estimated net worth, estimated median income, estimated income, presence of premium credit cards and state income decile.

Occupation and Position: Search individual occupations by industry, whether they’re a business owner, investor or their specific job among scores of occupations including education-student, engineer-chemical, financial-insurance agent, food services-grocer, manufacturing-pipe fitter, medical-nurses aide, sales-advertising, social worker and many others.

Education: Find individuals of different education levels and whether it’s likely or extremely likely.  Some of the levels you'll be able to search by include Bachelors Degree, Grad Degree, HS Diploma, Less then HS diploma, Some college, vocational or technical and more.  The file also allows you search by median years of education (0,9-17).

Home and Land Values: Know home type, owner vs. renter, home purchase price, purchase data, land value, estimated home value, median housing value and range and property type.

Children in Household: Know the household composition or each individual residence, presence of children broken down by (known data, modeled likely, modeled not as likely and not likely.)

Purchase Intent: Know if there’s an upscale buyer in the home, how many there are and sort by male or female. See presence of a premium credit card and where they are on the socioeconomic ladder (scale of 0-9).

Magazine Subscriptions: Search on the household level for magazines about family, geared toward women, gardening, culinary, health & fitness, do it yourself, financial magazines and others.

Pet Owner: Know on the household level that someone owns a cat, dog or horse or is some other type of pet owner.

Gun Owner: Know if your target voter or donor is a gun owner or not a gun owner. L2 is also set to release data of those gun owners with concealed carry permits.

Consumer Lifestyle Segmentation: From Mosaic Z4 you can search scores of unique categories to help you find your target voter including American Royalty, Blue Collar Comfort, Booming and Consuming, Fast Track Couples, Sport Utility Families, Work Hard Pray Hard & more.

We have a full listing of all of L2's processing and commercial data on

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