June 22, 2015

Raising money with L2's high quality donor data and L2 VoterMapping

L2 can make your fundraising easier by giving you the tools to maintain, enhance, add to or start a donor list.

Campaign finance rules have undergone a host of changes in recent years and are  under constant scrutiny from watchdog groups, the courts and lawmakers. Even with these changes maintaining a robust individual donor database and having the ability to target new potential donors is critical.

L2 has a number of tools making it easy to maintain and grow your donor lists.

Clean your existing donor list

As critical as it is to maintain donor databases most organizations don't have the personnel or technology to keep these records fresh. L2 can take your existing donor list and scrub it against our 160 million person registered voter file and our 240 million person commercial file.

This scrub will ensure that the addresses, phone numbers (cell and landline) and email addresses are as up-to-date as possible. L2 lists are constantly being scrubbed and checked against the national change of address database, the social security death index, commercial address records, phone numbers from five national sources and over 100 million email addresses checked for deliverability.

Unlike other data providers and party organizations L2 will never share your data or put it back into our system. Your private file, stays private.

Make your donor list more powerful

Cleaning your data is a good first step, the next step is adding L2's data enhancements giving you a powerful file that goes beyond contact information. Below are just some of the enhancements included in L2's file:

  • Complex voter histories
  • Party Identification
  • Hobbies & Interests Data
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Children in Household
  • Pet Owner
  • Magazine Subscriptions

Once you've scrubbed and enhanced your file against L2's high quality data this new 'super file' can be uploaded into L2 VoterMapping. L2 VoterMapping gives users the ability to visualize your existing donor list on a map and sort them based on over 215 different selections. This powerful tool allows you to access and utilize your data in way that will help you make the most out of your existing donor list.

Grow your donor list

Having a scrubbed and enhanced donor database allows you to seek out new potential donors by finding commonalities between your existing list and the world of potential voters show inside L2 VoterMapping. If you're noticing all of your donors are between 30 and 39 years old, are high propensity voters, have a median income of over $100,000/year and have children you can create a universe populated by those individuals and target them with traditional or digital outreach.

Start a donor list from scratch

If you don't have an existing list and want to find likely donors for your organization L2 can help. Inside L2 VoterMapping and L2's enhanced file you are able to sort through commercial donor data and export those existing donors that best match your cause:

  • State Political Contributor in Home
  • Donates to Animal Welfare
  • Donates to Arts and Culture
  • Donates Children's Causes
  • Donates to Healthcare
  • Donates to International Aid Causes
  • Donates to Veterans Causes
  • Donates to Wildlife Preservation
  • Donates to Conservative Causes
  • Donates to Liberal Causes
  • Donates to Local Community
  • Religious Contributor in Home
  • Donates Environment Cause in Home
  • Donates to Charity in Home

Inside L2 VoterMapping you're also able to do analysis and sort Federal Political Contributor data. Since this data comes directly from the FEC using it for direct outreach is illegal.

FEC Data
(Above: The Federal Political Contributor branch from the state of Colorado inside L2 VoterMapping)

If you are interested in L2's data or would like a trial of L2 VoterMapping please contact L2 through our contact page or email [email protected]

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