June 30, 2015

Use L2 VoterMapping and NCC Cable boundaries to craft a targeted media strategy

L2’s media targeting allows you to make selections and do analysis beyond political boundaries. Inside L2 VoterMapping you have the ability to overlay complex boundaries and make selections using NCC Cable zones, Designated Market Areas (DMAs) and Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs).

Using L2 VoterMapping you build a unique voter or donor universe according to your exact campaign-marketing model. L2 Votermapping gives you the power to make selections based on hundreds of points of voter, contribution, commercial and other data and find the most valuable cable or market areas based on those selections. Once you've planned your cable campaign you can also instantly purchase and export that targeted list for a canvassing, direct mail, phone outreach or digital campaigning.

Below: L2 VoterMapping visualization showing 17 counties in central California with selections of Republican and Non-Partisan voters that voted in the last 3/4+ even year general elections along with NCC Cable boundary lines. On the right hand side, see the the cable zones listed by greatest number of registered voters based on the aforementioned selections.


Below: L2 VoterMapping visualization of Florida’s registered voters with a map overlay of NCC Cable Zones.

Florida NCC

In addition to NCC Cable Zones L2 offers additional boundary and data selections to help you find and reach your target audience.

  • DMA Zones
  • 2000 PUMA Zones
  • 2010 PUMA Zones
  • NCC Interconnect Zones
  • NCC Local Zones
  • NCC Overbuild Zones
  • NCC Satellite Zones
  • NCC Sports Zones
  • NCC Zones Group

In the visualization below you see the Miami DMA boundary (in red) and the NCC Cable Zones (in black) with the registered voter counts in each cable zone to the right.

Florida NCC2

For more information on L2 VoterMapping or any of L2's data or tools please contact [email protected]

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