September 10, 2015

30 Million extra names doesn't mean 30 Million more voters

A question we often hear is 'why does L2 only have 160 million registered voters in your national voter file and some of your competitors have 190 million or more registered voters?' The answer is simple, we do more to process and clean our files then those data shops with a 190, 185 or 200+ million person "voter file".

Quality over size

L2 has the most accurate national voter file in the nation due to scores of human and automated checks that remove recently deceased voters, voters that have moved, duplicate records and those individuals with invalid registrations. Every step throughout L2's cleaning process records are being moved or removed to match the most up-to-date voter registration associated with an individual.

Some of the checks L2 performs as part of our complex data processing:

  • Duplicate record analysis and removal
  • Garbage record identification and cleaning
  • Major and minor district processing and checking
  • District enhancements and supplementation through intermediate mesh annotation coding
  • Vote history processing and checking
  • Name parsing and cleaning
  • Addition of missing gender codes
  • Mailing city name corrections and standardizations
  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) and Locatable Address Correction (LACS) processing
  • Post CASS street name and address corrections
  • Social Security Administration Death Index Matching
  • Geocoding with rooftop level latitude and longitude
  • Imputation of missing registration dates
  • Commercial data file supplements for missing birth dates and apartment numbers
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) processing
  • Complex householding to confirm most likely household groupings
  • Identification of voters missing critical districts and assignment of those districts
  • Census data conversions and application of American Community Survey Data
  • Federal Election Commission data matching and analysis
  • Presidential county-level election results coding and turnout analyses down to the precinct level
  • Landline and cell phone matching from five national commercial sources

Why pay more?

In the end our goal isn't to just perform more checks then any other company but it's to provide the highest quality file with the most accurate information in order to save our client's money and produce the best results. Data quality matters because sending 10, 20, 30 thousand extra mailers, emails, dialing wrong numbers or placing targeted digital ads that aren't going to the right voters or voters at all wastes time and money.

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