November 24, 2015

Three reasons it's good for you that our voter file is available for digital outreach

1. ALL of L2's scrubbed 160 Million person voter file including voter, consumer and HaystaqDNA modeled issue data are available to segment and digitally target.

2. We are currently working with a high quality group of digital partners (see below) but if you have a specific agency, DSP or other provider they can access our files through LiveRamp or directly from us. Make the request and we'll get it done.

3. Regardless of where you are in your campaign (fundraising, email list building, volunteer outreach, persuasion etc...) or what your budget is, L2's high quality data is available for a price that works.

L2's current digital partnerships:

  • AudiencePartners
  • Centro
  • theTradeDesk
  • Xaxis
  • More being added weekly

Learn how your digital dollars can best be spent using L2 data

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