December 3, 2015

Match All Your L2 Mail or Phone Target Lists Directly to Facebook


Any list you can create in your L2 list account you can now match directly to Facebook.  This is a HUGE.

Go to  where you can set up an account which will be your campaign’s personal onramp for matching your voter list targets to Facebook.

Select L2 as your List Vendor

Select your State and/or District

If you select “All Voters by Party” [Recommended] all voters of each major party will be created in your Facebook Ad Account as a separate custom list. You may also create individual custom selects and upload them through Gateway.

There is no charge for this set-up process, or for the Facebook match for your list. There will be a nominal $2 per thousand charge if and when you use names from these matched lists to target campaign ads or posts. If you decide not to use the lists, there is no charge for the list or the Facebook match.

Example: You promote a Facebook post into the News Feed of 35,000 registered Democrats in your district. The $2/M fee would be $70 to reach those 35,000 targeted.

Of course, you might decide to target only the Democratic Primary voters, or Non-Partisan Voters who live in households with no Democrats.  In other words, any group of voters you can target with mail, you can now target on Facebook.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] who can help walk you through the process.

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