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December 8, 2015

The New York Times to utilize L2’s National Voter File

December 8, 2015 — America’s leading non-partisan voter data provider, L2, will provide the New York Times with the national voter file and use of the company’s voter file analysis tool, L2 DataMapping, through election 2018. This agreement gives the paper along with The Upshot the most up-to-date, highest quality voter data for use in research and analysis.

L2 DataMapping allows users the ability to do instant visual analyses, generate visualizations and drill down to the neighborhood level to research voting habits, trends and perform analyses across party lines.

As a non-partisan provider L2 is able to offer the New York Times accurate and consistent data for analysis and research regardless of party registration.

David Leonhardt, Managing Editor, the New York Times, The Upshot said, “Let’s face it: Campaigns have had access to better data in recent campaigns than the media has. We’re excited to be working with L2 because it lets The Times — and our readers — play on the same field as the campaigns, digging into voter files to better understand the forces shaping American politics.”

“We are excited to see L2’s four decades of experience in voter data collection and processing utilized by America’s paper of record,” said L2 CEO Bruce Willsie. “Our tools and data will be put to the test by the Times and the Upshot and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.” Willsie went on to say, “L2 data are used by candidates across the country from Presidential to local city council.  Using the data campaigns are using everyday should give both reporters and readers alike a more detailed look into the world of American politics.”

CBS News has also signed on with L2 to use the national voter file for political and elections coverage.

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