March 14, 2016

L2 wins Campaigns & Elections Reed award for innovation

Campaigns & Elections revealed it's 2016 Reed award recipients and L2 took home some hardware in the category: "Most Innovative Product of the Year".  L2 VoterMapping by itself isn't new to this category however continuous updates and enhancements have made the platform competitive every year since it's launch.

The Reed judges gave L2 VoterMapping the award for the addition of a massive dataset filled with HaystaqDNA modeled issue data allowing users to find voters based on over 30, 2016 relevant issues. L2 VoterMapping users can select a modeled issue score from 1-100 (the higher number(s) the more likely an individual is to agree with an issue)  or a flag instantly displaying the top 10%-30% of those voters likely to support any given issue.

(Below: At the Reeds in Charleston, SC February 18, 2016. From right-to-left L2 CEO Bruce Willsie, EVP Tracy Dietz and Marketing & Communications Director, Paul Westcott) 

For more information on this or any other L2 product email Paul Westcott.

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