June 6, 2016

Inactive Voters, Extremely High Landline Connect Rates and a Greater Digital Advertising Reach

  • Inactive Voters are now available to our clients through L2 DataMapping. States and counties classify inactive voters differently and in the past, we have opted to leave these records out of our voter files given their lower level of reliability. L2 DataMapping now defaults to including them but gives you the option to limit your selection tojust active voters or even select only the inactives.  We clean these inactive records with the same process used for active voters, removing voters who have moved, are deceased or should be removed for other reasons.  "Registration Status" appears as a new selection branch at the top of the "Data Sources" menu (see below) on the right hand side of L2 DataMapping.

  • L2 landline telephone numbers will now have a near 100% connection rate.  We have invested in a system to purge our files of all known disconnected landlines through direct links with the telcos.  L2 will continue to bring in phone numbers from five national sources to build our unrivaled voter phone list.
  • L2's digital advertising reach has been dramatically expanded through the addition of new identifiers making even more effective your cookie and device ID digital ad targeting.
  • The quality of L2's files are maintained through constant scrubs from dozens of databases including the National Change of Address (NCOA) database.  We have modified the way we manage NCOA as part of our system improving its quality even more.
  • New cell phones have also been added to the L2 file giving users more options for telephone outreach at no additional per record cost through L2 DataMapping.
  • In Florida, North Carolina and Virginia congressional and state legislative district lines have been updated and L2 has all of the changes. We have made these new and proposed districts easy to find inside L2 DataMapping.

For any questions please email paul.westcott@L2political.com

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