July 27, 2016

L2 Upcoming Events: August

CampaignTech Chicago
CampaignTech Chicago (8/4) will take a closer look at how digital campaigning has developed inside the ’16 cycle and look at the implications for the future of campaigning.

Read this year’s agenda

The National Conference of State Legislatures is heading to Chicago for their annual legislative summit (8/8-8/11). L2 will be showcasing tools local lawmakers need to run their races including L2 DataMapping and reach their constituents including L2 ConstituentMapping. From NCSL, “The Legislative Summit is the biggest and best gathering of state legislators and staff in the country. Exchange ideas, hear fresh perspectives and develop solutions to pressing issues.”

More on this year’s summit

Mark Your Calendar: Election Night 2016
L2 will be a premier sponsor of Campaigns & Elections, Election Night party in Washington, D.C.  All we can tell you is that it’ll put Brexit vote parties to shame. More to come soon…

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