August 29, 2016

Trump donor and supporter model data now available through L2

It's time to take some of the mystery out of Election 2016 and give campaigns and consultants the power of high quality and easy to use Trump supporter data. L2 is now offering the most comprehensive look at likely supporters and likely donors to presidential candidate Donald Trump. These models were assembled by DonorBureau using L2's best-in-class 175 million record voter file are an invaluable resource to target or avoid this unique set of voters.

Users can select a flag providing you with a list of those most likely to support the Trump campaign either financially or at the ballot box. A score or scores between 50 and 100 may also be selected allowing users to find those who fall into the very top or very bottom among likely supporters.

Like all of L2's high quality data there are no restrictions on these segments which can be used for traditional or digital outreach through cookie, IP based or mobile targeting. This data can be analyzed nationwide or  targeted to a neighborhood or even household.

For counts and quotes please reach out to the L2 sales team through our contact page and someone will get back to you same day.

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