September 6, 2016

Target voters by issue using L2's voter file and HaystaqDNA's models

Through L2 and HaystaqDNA you now have access to 64, 2016 specific, issue models created for your targeted outreach. With issues as diverse as common core to the Mexican border wall to Trump vs. Clinton you are given an unparalleled ability to target only those voters you want.

Affordable Housing Corporate Bailouts Black Lives Matter Casinos Pro-Choice/Pro-Life Church Attendance Pathway to Citizenship Citizens United (Campaign Finance) Civil Liberties Death Penalty Ballot Drop Off Drug Price Controls Voter Fraud Climate Change Renewable Energy Fracking Gun Laws Environmental Regulation Genetically Modified Food Hillary Clinton Supporters Donald Trump Supporters Humanitarian Intervention Hunting and Fishing Amendments Fiscal Conservative/Liberal Social Conservative/Liberal Marijuana Legalization Gay Marriage Mexican Border Wall Military Intervention Minimum Wage Increase Momentum Support for Candidate Muslim Ban Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Online Gaming Party Strong Democrat/Republican Party Democrat/Republican Presidential Candidate Undecided Party Primary Public Transportation Redistricting Rideshare User Rideshare Encourage Right to Work School Choice Common Core School Funding Supreme Court Confirmation Social Media Usage Social Media Frequency Social Security Income Cap Ticket Splitter Tea Party Tobacco Tax Transgender Bathrooms Likely Kasich Primary Supporter Likely Republican Primary Voter Opposing Trump Trump—Uncomfortable Supporting Trump—Proud to Support Likely Sanders Primary Supporter Likely Clinton Primary Supporter Likely Trump Primary Supporter Likely Cruz Primary Supporter To get started fill out the quick form on the L2 contact page and we'll reach out to you today on how your campaign can best integrate this game changing 2016 specific data.

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