September 13, 2016

2016 modeled issue and candidate choice data from L2 and HaystaqDNA

L2 and HaystaqDNA have refreshed a list of 64, 2016 specific, issue models created for your targeted outreach. Below are just some of the must have models for 2016...

Presidential Choice 2016: Clinton/Trump/Undecided
Trump, Views on Nominee: Proud to Support/Uncomfortable Supporting
Border Wall With Mexico: Support/Oppose
Momentum Voter: Yes/No
Muslim Ban on Entering U.S.: Support/Oppose
Ride Share User: Yes/No
Right to Work Laws: Support/Oppose
Supreme Court Nominee: Congress Should Confirm/Should Not Confirm
Black Lives Matter: Support/Oppose
Transgender Bathroom Use: Support/Oppose
Pathway to Citizenship: Support/Oppose

To get started fill out the quick form on the L2 contact page and we'll reach out to you today on how your campaign can best integrate this game changing 2016 specific data.

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