September 28, 2016

Recent Trending Issues voter data from L2 and HaystaqDNA

Target your voters and donors by issue this cycle. L2 and HaystaqDNA have built the most comprehensive list of over 60 relevant issue models for you to use. Simply select the issue(s) by score or flag and let L2's data help you target digitally, by mail, email or phone. Below are just some of the recent trending issues available...

Black Lives Matter: Support/Oppose
Right to Work: Support/Oppose
Casinos: Support/Oppose
Government Limiting of Drug Prices: Support/Oppose
Voting Requirements, Views on: Too Easy/Too Difficult
Genetic Modification (GMO) Labeling Requirements: Support/Oppose
Hunting and Fishing: Support/Oppose
Online Gaming Expansion: Support/Oppose
Public Transit Expansion: Support/Oppose
Redistricting Should Be Done By: State Leg./Independent Commissions
Tobacco Tax Increase: Support/Oppose
Rideshare: Regulate/Less Regulation
Death Penalty: Support/Oppose

To get started fill out the quick form on the L2 contact page and we'll reach out to you today on how your campaign can best integrate this game changing 2016 specific data.



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