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      • L2 has the highest quality voter file matched to trusted verified emails. You can purchase these emails for use through your own enterprise level platform or purchase/rent and send through L2’s best-in-class delivery solution.

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      • L2 and Ecanvasser have partnered to bring together the highest quality voter and consumer data with the most intuitive mobile canvassing platform available.

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October 11, 2016

How many voters are in the United States? 200 Million?

In fact, the number is closer to the 176,306,340 registered voters in the current L2 national voter file and all are reachable through L2 DataMapping. We mention the 200 million voters number because some of our competitors seem to be touting this exaggeration.

For forty years L2 has gone to extraordinary lengths to process every record that goes through our system removing duplicates, deceased voters and voters that have moved.


The average waste or excess “voter records” in our competitor’s counts is 12%. That’s 12% extra you’re paying for bad data and in any other platform on which the bad data are being used.

  • 12% extra printing and postage for direct mail.
  • 12% incorrect door knocks.
  • 12% digital ads going to the wrong audience.
  • 12% more emails to purchase and deploy.

Don’t blow your budget because of a bad data decision.

Get the best, today.

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