November 15, 2016

L2 Media launches in wake of 2016 political data, media and technology shakeup

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DATE 11/15/2016

L2 Launches L2 Media

America’s leading voter and political data provider is launching a nonpartisan, data and technology agnostic advertising solution.

(Washington, D.C.) The aftershocks of the 2016 cycle are being felt throughout the world of political data, media and technology. While the changes across the industry come as a shock to many, at L2, we saw the writing on the wall throughout the past year.  Working with national, state and local organizations, we discovered the chasm that existed between campaigns and their technology partners. L2 Media will close that gap.

There are two primary reasons for the gap.  One is the reliance on partisan tech firms.  Some of these firms use their Democrat or Republican label as a justification to limit competition which results in the client being underserved and at times overcharged for the campaign, thus creating what we call a “partisan tax”. The second is the needless over-sophistication of outside tech firms.  The digital advertising process is significantly less complicated and confusing than these firms tell their clients.  Several of these tech companies have moved into the political space in recent years and instead of servicing their clients and providing better solutions, they have over complicated a relatively simple market to create confusion and distrust in the digital space.

As a nonpartisan data company for over forty years the goal at L2 has always been simple, provide the highest quality voter, consumer and modeled issue data available. This same philosophy will apply to L2 Media.

  • Platform & Data Agnostic: Our only allegiance is to you, the digital advertising customer, ensuring that every advertising campaign is run as efficiently as possible.

  • Detailed Reporting: Immediate, detailed and usable summaries of every campaign will be instrumental in making sure each dollar you spend is clearly accounted for.

  • No Partisan Tax:  L2 Media’s solutions will be priced based on their effectiveness and quality in the marketplace and will not be marked up because they’re attached to a party label.

“L2 Media was born out of a genuine cry for help from many of our data clients seeking a more transparent, flexible and lower cost digital ad tech solution,” according to L2 CEO Bruce Willsie.  “Frequently, they felt ill-served by political digital agencies that lacked a deep understanding of the voter data on which their campaigns were being run and that charged high prices for questionable targeting advice or failed to provide metrics to demonstrate the effectiveness of a particular campaign,”   Willsie went on to say.

Tracy Dietz, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, is excited by the opportunity, "onboarding our best-in-class voter file with LiveRamp gave our data extra reach. L2 Media will allow clients to maximize that reach in the most efficient way possible."

L2 has tapped digital advertising veteran JC Medici as President of L2 Media a division of L2, Inc.  Medici’s most recent role was as national director of politics and advocacy at ad tech powerhouse Rocket Fuel. As head of Rocket Fuel’s lauded political operation, Medici launched precise, performance-driven campaigns for an array of clients including influential advocacy groups, candidates, Super PACs and national grassroots organizations.

Medici has 15 years of digital advertising experience, the last four of which have been solely focused on political. Medici’s focus on and passion for politics in the digital ad space has had an impact beyond Rocket Fuel’s wild success. He helped to quickly advance the political advertising industry to a place where strategic digital campaigning has become a mainstream practice.

"It is an honor to join a firm that has such a rich tradition in staying true to its core principles of delivering the best data solution for both sides of the aisle.  My goal is to carry on this same tradition with L2 Media by always providing the most efficient and effective campaigns for all candidates and advocacy groups regardless of party affiliation" said JC Medici.

L2 CEO Bruce Willsie sees JC as a perfect fit for L2 Media, “JC’s focus on delivering effective campaigns is tied to a desire to enhance the integrity of the digital landscape overall.” Willsie adding, “His extensive 15 years in ad tech with four years in political will give our clients unsurpassed and flexible access to premium services without the added cost of a partisan provider.”

Before Rocket Fuel Medici worked at multiple political marketing agencies and media firms including Collective, quadrantONE and Winstar Interactive.   

About L2
For over 40 years L2 has been the most trusted source for enhanced voter, consumer and modeled issue data. L2's national voter file remains the most accurate and frequently updated in the marketplace and contains the largest number of detailed voter file segments for traditional and digital targeting. As a non-partisan provider, L2 can tap powerful solutions including modeled issue data from HaystaqDNA. The HaystaqDNA modeled issue segments give users a detailed view of all voters regardless of party affiliation. L2 also provides party affiliation in all 50 states by modeling party ID for voters in states without party based registration.   In addition to voters, L2 maintains a robust 265-million+ adult consumer file.



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