April 19, 2017

L2 Announces Abby Ziff as Director of Business Development

(Washington, D.C.) L2, America’s leading provider enhanced voter data, announced the hiring of Abby Ziff as Director of Business Development. Ziff’s role is to work with L2’s core political clientele as well as seek out new potential users of L2’s data products and L2 Media services.

Ziff has worked in the digital space for over 15 years with clients in technology, advocacy, state & local government, politics and healthcare. In 2012 she was recruited by WebMD to establish their brand for political and advocacy clients, successfully launching campaigns for presidential nominees, high-profile advocacy groups and multiple state healthcare exchanges for the ACA.

Abby successfully parlayed her experience in new business development across multiple verticals in the digital space to independent consulting opportunities including growth & expansion for a political news site and establishing a sales and marketing plan for a global entertainment site. Her successful national sales experience also includes UBM, 1105 Media, GOVERNING and CQ-Roll Call.

A graduate of the University of Maryland with a BA in Linguistics, Abby lived for many years in the UK and was educated at Headington School, Oxford. She now lives in Washington, D.C.

About L2

For over 40 years L2 has been the country’s most trusted source for enhanced voter, consumer and modeled issue data. It’s data and technology are used across, the political and public affairs landscapes with nearly 200 members of Congress as current customers along with the biggest names in polling and political advising.  It is the source of choice for leading news organizations including CBS and the New York Times as well as the country’s leading universities including both Princeton and Harvard.  L2’s national voter file remains the most accurate and frequently updated in the marketplace and contains the largest number of detailed voter file segments for traditional and digital targeting. As a non-partisan provider, L2 can tap powerful solutions including modeled issue data from HaystaqDNA. The HaystaqDNA modeled issue segments give users a detailed view of all voters regardless of party affiliation. L2 also provides party affiliation in all 50 states by modeling party ID for voters in states without party based registration.   In addition to voters, L2 maintains a robust 265-million+ adult consumer file.

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