May 5, 2017

The most up-to-date California voter file now available from L2

L2's California voter file delivery is now the state's fastest, giving users the highest quality processing and most in-depth voter attributes all at the best price.  L2 was able to make this happen because of 2017 changes in how the voter file is delivered.  This process change gives L2 the ability to update the entire state every 30-60 days while also leveraging our four decades of county level relationships to bring in mail ballot returns and update minor districts.

  • County Registration Data Updated Every 30-60 Days
  • Registration Updates 15 Days Before Election
  • National Change of Address Refresh Every 30-60 Days
  • Social Security Death Index Refresh Every 30-60 Days
  • Mail Ballot Updates Every 1-3 Days
  • All Minor and Special Districts Continually Updated
  • Fastest and Most Intuitive Count and Mapping Tool
  • Eight Phone Sources Updated Monthly
  • Scores of Integrations and Partnerships
  • Full Integration with NationBuilder
  • Issue and Behavioral Predictive Models Included
  • Data Onboarded for Digital Outreach
  • Over 42-years Providing the Highest Quality Voter Data
  • Lowest Per Record Cost
  • Best Reseller Rates and Incentives
  • Nonpartisan in California and Every Other State

Contact us HERE or email [email protected]



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