August 29, 2017

Issues Data tied to the Nations Most Trusted Voter File

L2 and Haystaq changed the game in 2015 when we made it possible to target voters by issue/behavioral models matched to 99% of the L2 national voter file. For 2017/2018 we have refreshed our most popular models and added dozens of new scores and flags for your use.  Here's a first look at these models set to be released in the next couple of weeks in our easy to use online L2 VoterMapping platform... SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL

  • Presidential Approval
  • Tax Reform
  • Infrastructure Spending
  • Opioid Crisis Importance
  • Autonomous Cars
  • Medicare Expansion
  • Mail Readership
  • Movie Goers
  • TV Viewership
  • Income Inequality
  • Green Consumers

To be Added Later this Year:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Trump Impeachment
  • Russian Interference
  • Internet Privacy
  • Pence Approval

Models to be Refreshed:

  • Abortion
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Ballot Dropoff
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Border Wall with Mexico
  • Casinos
  • Climate Change Believers vs. Deniers
  • Ease of Vote
  • Marijuana
  • Muslim Ban
  • Minimum Wage
  • Civil Liberties
  • Gay Marriage
  • Death Penalty
  • GMO
  • Affordable Housing
  • Social Security
  • School Choice
  • Bailouts
  • Public Transit
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Online Gambling
  • Unions
  • Military vs. Humanitarian Aid
  • Environment
  • Green Energy
  • Ride Share
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Partisanship Scores
  • Common Core
  • Church Attendance
  • Social Issues
  • Fracking
  • Gun Control
  • Tea Party
  • Foreign Policy

These models are not available from any other voter data provider—find out today how they can be purchased along with L2 voter data or added to your L2 VoterMapping account!

Paul Westcott
[email protected]

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