September 5, 2017

L2 email, phone and address matched donor data

L2's donor information is broken up into a collection of consumer donor information and Federal Election Commission (FEC) data.  The primary difference is that it is legal to reach out directly to the privately obtained donor data vs. the publicly available Federal Election Commission Data.  See all of the donor fields below...

Donates to Animal Welfare
Donates to Arts and Culture
Donates to Children's Causes
Donates to Healthcare
Donates to Internation Aid Causes
Donates to Veterans Causes
Donates to Wildlife Preservation
Donates Conservative Causes
Donates to Liberal Causes
Donates to Local Community
Religious Contributor in Home
Donates to Environment Cause in Home
Donates to Charity in Home
State Political Contributor in Home

Federal Political Contributor (FEC)
FEC Number of Donations
FEC Total Donation Amount
FEC Total Donation Amount Range
FEC Last Donation Date
FEC Average Donation
FEC Average Donation Range
Primary Recipient of Contributions

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