October 2, 2017

L2 Voter File Updates: Illinois, New Jersey, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, South Carolina and more...

L2 continues to bring users the most up-to-date highest quality voter data available. Below are the most recent voter file updates as of 1:30pmEST on 10/2/17. Find out more about L2 data or request a quote today.

Illinois 9/27
New Jersey 9/20
West Virginia 9/20
New York 9/11
Maryland: 9/7
South Carolina: 9/7
Arizona: 8/28
Idaho: 8/25
Texas: 8/22
New Mexico: 8/11
Georgia: 8/09
Pennsylvania: 8/04
Mississippi: 7/27
Minnesota: 7/21
Louisiana: 7/17
Wyoming: 7/17
Montana: 7/14
California: 7/07
Tennessee: 7/06
Arizona: 7/05
Michigan: 7/03
Ohio: 6/29
Kentucky: 6/23
Kansas: 6/19
Washington DC: 6/19

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