January 9, 2018

New and updated L2/HaystaqDNA models are available

95% of voters in the L2 file have a score of 0-100 on 66 different issues and behaviors. Voters are also 'flagged' if they fall into a top percentage of the model.  See the FULL LIST and learn more.

  1. Activists - Those California voters most likely to participate in politics beyond voting. Warmer Colors = More Likely Activists  
  2. Mail Reader - Those Texas voters most likely to open and read their mail.  Warmer Colors = More Likely to Read their Mail
  3. Opioid Crisis Concern - Those Florida voters most likely to be concerned about the opioid crisis.  Warmer Colors = More Likely to Care about Opioid Crisis
  4. Trump Impeachment - Those Illinois voters most likely to support impeaching President Donald Trump.  Warmer Colors = More Likely to Support Impeachment
  5. Tax Reform - Those New York voters most likely support tax bill even if most benefit goes to wealthy.  Warmer Colors = More Likely to Support Current Tax Reform Proposal 

Get a free trial of this data HERE (

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