February 1, 2018

L2's Newest Team Members

Over 43-years L2's staff has gone through a number of iterations but the rapid growth we've seen in recent years has lead us to bring on top-tier talent from across the political data and technology spaces.

Carlie Titus Gliha, Director of Business Development. Prior to joining L2 as a director, Carlie worked for NGP, the Association of Advanced Life Underwriting, Broadnet and most recently the National Retail Federation. She has extensive experience with both campaign data and technology and the needs of trade associations, and non-profits. Carlie is based in Washington, D.C.
[email protected]
Mobile: 202.617.5214

Matthew Curley is L2's California Director. Matt has previously worked for AT&T, T-Mobile and most recently Callfire.  At Callfire, Matt lead and grew the company’s political efforts nationwide with an intensive focus on California campaigns.  Matt is based in Los Angeles.
[email protected]
Mobile: 818-450-4471

In addition in the past year L2 has hired or promoted the following individuals:

Gretchen Thompson, Sales & Marketing Assistant
[email protected]

Paul Graham, Director of Development (Bothell, WA)
[email protected] 

Eric Crook, Director of Operations (Bothell, WA)
[email protected] 

Caleb Rhoadarmer, Email Marketing Manager
[email protected]

We're always seeking new talent, apply today:

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