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May 30, 2018

Target voters easily and effectively using Facebook and Google Adwords


Google Adwords and Facebook allow users to upload custom audiences into their platforms for ad targeting. L2 has created two new formats that give you the fastest upload time and highest match rates possible for voter files into Google or Facebook.

How it works?

  • Make your selection(s) of voters from DataMapping or tell your L2 rep your selected targets.
  • If you’re using DataMapping, download the L2 IDs and send to your L2 representative.
  • Allow a member of the L2 team temporary administrative access to your Facebook or Google AdWords account so your custom audience(s) can be uploaded.
  • Our operations team will create a file with data necessary for matching including name, address, phone and email address, An L2 staffer will upload that audience for you.


Pricing starts at $.01/record ($10/thousand records input) with a $250 minimum. Pricing per record drops depending on volume.

Additional Questions

  • What are the match rates? For Facebook, the match rates to L2’s voter file are 60%-80% on average. For Google, we’ve seen 35%-45% on average.
  • Can you just send me the file?  No.  This is extremely valuable data we’re using to give you the highest possible match rate for the lowest possible price.
  • What’s the turnaround time? Production of the file and upload can typically happen same business day.  We ask that you allow 24 hours for files to appear in your account.
  • Are their limitations? For Facebook, this data can be used for all Facebook/Instagram ad targeting.  In Google Adwords, you are limited to Gmail, YouTube and Search Ads.  This cannot be used to target Google Display Network ads.

Contact us for more information or to get a count or quote or email paul.westcott@L2political.com or 646-457-1439

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