July 10, 2018

Three keys to successful voter targeted email deployments

Voter targeted emails to a rented or purchased list only work if you have the ability to target, a rigorous email verification process and a deployment strategy to maximize inboxing.  At L2 we own the lists, the verification process and the deployment service. 


TARGET: Use hundreds of voter, consumer, demographic and donor segments to hone your targeted audience before deployments. Our targeting capability means you can test dozens of audiences before sending to a mass audience.


VERIFY: Once your selections are made we run our emails through a multi-stage cleaning and verification process ensuring the emails are active and we've eliminated all possible spam traps.


DEPLOY: Deploying large numbers of emails takes a great deal more than pressing send. L2's proprietary system ensures that your deployments have the highest inboxing rate possible regardless of whether you're using an L2 list or your own in-house file.


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