October 24, 2018

L2 Latest California Update

Early this morning the L2 California file was updated with the final 15 day new registrants leading up to general election 2018.

We’re also bringing in early voters (VBM) county-by-county daily with staff throughout the state. Sign up for DataMapping for free, watch our counts change instantly and dig into rich demographic and consumer data for these early voters not available anywhere else.

8 Million CA Voter Cell Phones – 6 Million CA Verified Voter Emails

We are your California voter file alternative, with better phones, emails, a better-processed file and are easy to work with. We also include hundreds of fields of consumer information standard at no additional cost. Our statewide file is $45,000 and for California firms looking to go national we’ve been national, all by ourselves, for nearly 50 years and we can guarantee you the same quality from coast-to-coast.

REPORT: All California Voters
REPORT: 2018 New Registrants

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