November 5, 2018

L2 Early Voter Update: 11/5/18

This is the L2 Early Voter update posted at 7:41amEDT on 11/5/18, results were collected and released via L2 and L2 VoterMapping as of 11/5/18. These are not the only states L2 has early return information from but these are the most competitive states that are currently available.  Click the name of the state for an in-depth demographic report on early voters.  If you would like to see a specific state(s), district(s), or combination let me know and reports/graphics can be generated.

California: 3,552,650 44%D/32%R/19%NP
Florida: 2,318,807 41%D/40%R/18%NP
Arkansas: 334,163 51%R/35%D/14%NP
Georgia: 1,883,937 42%R/36%D/21%NP
Nebraska: 130,858 48%R/39%D/12%NP
Vermont*: 48,499 59%D/28%R/13%I
Tennessee: 1,210,523 55%R/30%D/15%NP
Virginia*: 298,294 54%D/37%R/8%I
Washington*: 1,393,476 48%D/36%R/16%I
North Dakota*: 95,102 61%R/20%D/18%I
Kansas: 317,815 49%R/32%D/19%NP
Iowa: 349,497 44%D/36%R/19%NP
West Virginia: 161,618 45%D/37%R/14%NP
Colorado: 1,343,467 35%R/34%D/29%NP
Texas*: 3,151,190 47%D/44%R/8%I
Oklahoma: 81,402 48%R/40%D/11%NP
New Jersey: 282,004 48%D/28%R/23%NP
North Carolina: 1,908,022 42%D/30%R/27%NP
Maine: 141,165 44%D/29%R/24%NP
Indiana: 485,578 47%R/39%D/13%NP

*State where party ID is modeled by L2.

L2 is a 45-year-old nonpartisan voter file provider and currently provides the voter file information to tens of thousands of campaigns, national grassroots organizations and scores of media outlets for research and survey information including the New York Times and Washington Post.

Every day we're bringing in early voter data from across the nation to provide to our clients doing survey work, media planning and GOTV outreach. We immediately match those data back to our voter file to hundreds of fields of demographic and consumer information.

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