July 1, 2020

L2's Top 35 Political Audiences of 2020 are LIVE in the LiveRamp Datastore

L2 provides hundreds of segments via the LiveRamp Datastore giving users the ability to reach voters through hundreds of DSPs, DMPs and publishers. After reviewing the most commonly used custom and off the shelf audiences we created a list of the top 35 audiences that are all available via the Datastore.  Contact us to learn more or have these data pushed to your digital partner today. 

Segment Name (Datastore Name)

All Voters Nationwide L2_All_Voters_NW_2020
General Election 1/4+ (L2_1_out_of_4_General_Voters_NW_2020)
General Election 2/4+ (L2_2_out_of_4_General_Voters_NW_2020)
General Election 3/4+ (L2_3_out_of_4_General_Voters_NW_2020)
General Election 4/4 (L2_4_out_of_4_General_Voters_NW_2020)
Primary Election 1/4+ (L2_1_out_of_4_Primary_Voters_NW_2020)
Primary Election 2/4+ (L2_2_out_of_4_Primary_Voters_NW_2020)
Primary Election 3/4+ (L2_3_out_of_4_Primary_Voters_NW_2020)
Primary Election 4/4 (L2_4_out_of_4_Primary_Voters_NW_2020)
Republicans (L2_Republicans_NW_2020)
Democrats (L2_Democrats_NW_2020)
Non-Partisans (L2_Non-Partisan_NW_2020)
Strong Partisan Republican (L2_Strong_Repbulican_2020)
Strong Partisan Democrat (L2_Strong_Democrat_2020)
Soft Partisan Repubican (L2_Soft_Republican_2020)
Soft Partisan Democrat (L2_Soft_Democrat_2020)
Non-Partisan Moderate (L2_Non-Partisan_Moderate_2020)
Gen Z Voters (L2_GenZ_Voters_2020)
Millennial Voters (L2_Millenial_Voters_2020)
Gen X L Voters (L2_GenX_Voters_2020)
Baby Boomer Voters (L2_Baby_Boomer_Voters_2020)
Silent/Greatest Generation Voters (L2_Silent_Greatest_Gen_Voters_2020)
European/Caucasian Voters (L2_Caucasian_Voters_2020)
Non-White Voters (L2_Non-White_Voters_2020)
Hispanic Voters (L2_Hispanic_Voters_2020)
African American Voters (L2_African_American_Voters_2020)
New Registrants Since General Election 2018 (L2_New_Registrants_Since_G18_2020)
New Registrants Since General Election 2016 (L2_New_Registrants_Since_G16_2020)
Likely G2020 Voters (L2_Likely_General_2020_Voters_2020)
Trump Supporters (L2_LIkely_Trump_Supporters_2020)
Biden Supporters (L2_Likely_Biden_Supporters_2020)
Black Lives Matter Supporters (L2_Likely_BLM_Supporters_2020)
Likely to Vote Early General 2020 (L2_Early_General_Voter_Likely_2020)
Likely to Vote Absentee/Mail General 2020 (L2_Absentee_Mail_General Voter_Likely_2020)
Split Ticket Voters General 2020 (L2_Split_Ticket_Voters_Likley_2020)

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