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August 11, 2020

L2 Voter File Updates: Pennsylvania, Iowa, Nevada, Vermont, Connecticut and more…

Most Recent Updates:
Pennsylvania: 8/8/20 (Full State Update)
Iowa: 8/7/20 (Full State Update)
Nevada: 8/6/20 (Full State Update)
Vermont: 8/5/20 (Full State Update)
Connecticut: 8/3/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Mississippi: 8/3/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Utah: 8/2/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Rhode Island: 8/2/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Indiana: 8/2/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
West Virginia: 8/2/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Michigan: 8/2/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Virginia: 8/2/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Lousiana: 8/2/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Alabama: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
New Mexico: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Wyoming: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Montana: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Alaska: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Hawaii: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
North Dakota: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
North Carolina: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Maryland: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Minnesota: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Delaware: 8/1/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
California: 8/1/20 (Full State Update)


Files L2 has in processing and will be released in one-two weeks: NJ. SC, MA, WV, CO, NM, UT, IN, MS, MD


All Other Updates:
South Dakota: 7/31/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Kentucky: 7/31/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Idaho: 7/31/20 (NCOA/Telephone Update)
Washington D.C.: 7/31/20 (Full State Update)
New Hampshire: 7/31/20 (Full State Update)
Arkansas: 7/31/20 (Full State Update)
Florida: 7/31/20 (Full State Update)
Oklahoma: 7/30/20 (Full State Update)
Georgia: 7/25/20 (Full State Update)
Oregon: 7/19/20 (Full State Update)
Kansas: 7/18/20 (Full State Update)
New York: 7/17/20 (Full State Update)
Illinois: 7/15/20 (Full State Update)
Nebraska: 6/2/20 (Full State Update)
Colorado: 6/25/20 (Full State Update)
Missouri: 6/24/20 (Full State Update)
New Jersey: 6/20/20 (Full State Update)
Maine: 6/18/20 (Full State Update)
Washington: 6/16/20 (Full State Update)
South Carolina: 6/2/20 (Full State Update)
Arizona: 6/1/20 (Full State Update)
Wisconsin: 6/1/20 (Full State Update)
Massachusetts: 5/30/20 (Full State Update)
Texas: 5/25/20 (Full State Update)
Tennessee: 5/21/20 (Full State Update)
Ohio: 5/3/20 (Full State Update)

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