August 19, 2020

The Latest L2/HaystaqDNA 2020 Models

L2 and Haystaq are excited to announce our national political models, updated for 2020. Each of the 200 million voters on the L2 voter file has a score representing their likelihood of agreeing with any of 120 given positions. 

As of June 2020, our models are now updated to include a new set of contemporary issues: 

  • Black Lives Matter
  • 2020 General Election Turnout 
  • Early Vote Voter 
  • Absentee Ballot (Vote By Mail) 
  • Green New Deal 
  • Biden, Warren, Sanders Democratic Primary Supporters 

Modeling Process 

These models were built using response data from a national custom-built survey fielded via IVR -and live- telephone calls and an online panel. 

The indicator data used by these models is a combination of: 

  • Individual-level voter registration information and past voting behavior 
  • Individual and household demographic and consumer characteristics 
  • Census and geographic-level data 

Haystaq National Models User Guide 2020

Complete List Here:

HaystaqDNA Issue/Behavioral Models

COVID/Black Lives Matter: 

COVID China Responsible

COVID Trust Social Media 

COVID Mask Wearer

COVID Impact on Daily Life

COVID Frequent Testing

COVID Reopening Cautious

COVID Reaction Overblown

Black Lives Matter Protests Strong Support/Oppose

Black Lives Matter Strong Support/Oppose

Hot Button Issues:

Affordable Care Act

Allow Transgender Bathrooms

Border Wall with Mexico

Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling


Drug Price Regulations

Ex-Felon Voting

Female Candidate vs. Male Candidate

Gentrification of Housing

Government Bailouts of Business

Green New Deal

Universal Healthcare

Income Inequality

Internet Privacy

MeToo Movement

Universal Basic Income

$15 Minimum Wage

Minority Candidates

Muslim Ban

Online Gaming

Opioid Crisis Concern

Opioid Crisis Government Response

Political Redistricting

Public Transit

GMO Food

Rideshare Regulation

Rideshare User

Self Driving Vehicles

Supreme Court Importance

Voting Access

Core Issues:

Party Affiliation


Affordable Housing Policy

Right to Work Laws


Charter Schools

Civic Infrastructure

Civil Liberties vs. Terror Threat

Climate Change

Common Core National Education

Death Penalty

Economic Anxiety




Free Trade Agreement

Gas Taxes

Gay Marriage

Gun Control

Federal Land Management

Humanitarian Intervention Overseas

Hunting and Fishing Supports

Ideology – General

Ideology – Social

Ideology – Fiscal


Infrastructure Spending

Labor Unions

Marijuana Legalization

Minimum Wage

Pipeline Construction

School Choice

School Funding

Social Security Reform

Tax Cuts

Tea Party Opinion

Tobacco Tax

Military Intervention

Voter Turnout Models: 

2020 General – Likelihood to Vote

2020 General – Vote by Mail

2020 General – Early Voter Preference to Vote by Mail

2020 General – Vote Early

2020 General – Views on Early Voting

Top of the Ticket Voter

Ticket Splitter

Behavioral Models:


Attends Church

Consumer Purchase Decision 

Mail Reader

Attends Movies

Religion Importance in Life

Social Media Usage

Presidential Candidates

Biden Supporters

Sanders Supporters

Warren Supporters

TV News Source:

Fox News



Trump Specific: 

Trump Approval

Trump Russia Connections

Trump Impeachment

Mueller Investigation

Pence Opinion of VP


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