October 5, 2020

25 Million New Cell Phones Added to L2's National Voter File

Due to the massive end of cycle demand for voter matched cell phone numbers, L2 has added to our best-in-class cell phone database and acquired 25 Million+ additional voter matched cell phone numbers. These newly added numbers increase our national voter file coverage to over 50% with cells and over 85% with some kind of contact number.

You've heard that our voter cells are the best in the industry, here's why...

Our sources work with the telcos directly and provide us with the most up-to-date numbers linked to the most recent name and address information.

3-to-5 Million newly connected phones per month have already been coming into the L2 file for over a year.

We maintain a180MM+ record national disconnect file so we're able to clean the phones before they hit our file and each time we run an update (no one else does this).

We use a complex and highly reliable record linkage algorithm, which means we have the highest confidence in these numbers matching the voter record you're hoping to reach.

Let us match phones to your current database or give us your criteria and we'll provide a count a quote within an hour. 

Let us provide you with a COUNT/QUOTE today

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