October 8, 2020

L2's 2020 Early Absentee and Vote-by-Mail Program

41 States Over the Next 4 Weeks

Millions of Americans have already voted by mail across the country and many more have requested and been issued their ballots. L2 is ingesting and providing those data along with additional ballot styles including "rejected ballots" where available. Below is a map of those states including Washington, D.C. where L2 will be collecting early/absentee/VBM data. 



Where to Find Early/ABS/VBM Data in VoterMapping
Early/Absentee/VBM data are live and available in L2 VoterMapping without any additional subscription cost or fees. Simply go into the state application in which you're working and scroll to the bottom of the right-hand panel. If data is available you will see the available EV/ABS/VBM branches.


Where to Find these Data in LiveRamp
On a daily basis, L2 is adding the returned, requested and issued ballots nationally into the data onboarding platform LiveRamp. This means you can request these data be pushed to any LiveRamp partner DSP/platform or you can grab directly from the Datastore. The segments follow the format below:


For questions email [email protected]


Where to Find these Data in the SFTP
If you are a national or statewide account holder you can find the early/absentee/VBM data in the SFTP labeled "BallotReturnData" where each state is listed out along with a national table.

To get a count/quote or if you have a questions on L2's ballot return program please CLICK HERE


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