January 7, 2021

Paul Westcott Promoted to Executive Vice President of L2, Inc.













(Washington, D.C.) L2, America’s leading provider of enhanced voter data and technology, today announced the promotion of Paul Westcott to Executive Vice President. Westcott will continue to oversee L2’s entire sales and marketing operation while expanding his focus to include long-term strategy, forecasting and new product development.

“Paul has been a major part of L2’s record-breaking growth over the past six years,” according to L2 CEO Bruce Willsie. “His energetic leadership, thoughtful decision-making and absolute commitment to our customers and to L2’s mission make him richly deserving of this promotion.  Paul has proven his ability to build industry partnerships wisely and we look forward to his guidance as L2 diversifies into new areas of data processing, analysis and technology,” Willsie went on to say.  “I am proud to have him as a colleague.”

Paul has previously worked for NBC News and iHeartMedia and has a BA in Political Science and MA in Campaigns & Elections Management from Fordham University.

About L2

L2 Inc., has been a leading provider of voter data for 50 years and now also serves the automotive and consumer data industries. National and local political campaigns and advocacy groups utilize L2 data along with hundreds of members of the United States Congress and Fortune 100 companies. L2’s trust is built on quality data processing to ensure the highest quality and most current data are available to clients and partners. L2’s award-winning data visualization and analysis platforms DataMapping, ConsumerMapping and AutoMapping make data instantly and easily accessible to all users. In addition to best-in-class self-service tools, L2 is renowned for its customer service and support. Each year L2 processes hundreds of thousands of custom output files containing billions of records for individual users to fulfill their exact needs. Learn more at

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