July 19, 2021

More voters left Texas for California than the other way around: L2 Analysis

A popular storyline over the past several years and amplified during COVID is that residents have fled California for Texas. According to an L2 analysis of both state’s voting populations since January 1, 2020 the movement trend is actually reversed. While Texas does outpace California in terms of voters moving into the state overall, 4,830 Texas voters left that state and moved to California between January 1, 2020 and now.

This analysis is made possible by L2’s new out-of-state mover branches.  These selections give our users the best possible look at voters that have moved into a new state and where they came from, their party registration, the date in which they moved and their overall voting performance in different collection types in that previous state. Some of the biggest questions we’ve had from L2 users and members of the media involve two of the biggest states, California and Texas.

Total Registrants:
California: 21,807,390 registered voters (as of 7/12/21)
Texas: 15,943,638 registered voters (as of 7/19/21)

New movers from out-of-state overall as of January 1, 2020:
California: 57,005
Texas: 64,910

 2,174 TX Voters that moved from CA since January 1, 2020:

4,830 CA Voters that moved from TX since January 1, 2020:

Among the 64,910 new movers who registered to vote in Texas since January 1, 2020 they came from the following states:
1. Florida: 5,086
2. Illinois 4,252
3. Colorado: 3,677
4. New York: 3,660
5. Louisiana: 2,717
6. Georgia 2,574
7. Arizona: 2,523
8. Washington State: 2,456
9. Virginia: 2,195
10. California: 2,174

The party identification of these individuals is as follows: 22,110 nonpartisan, 21,003 Democrats, 20,369 Republicans.

Among the 57,005 new movers who registered to vote in California since January 1, 2020 they came from the following states:
1. New York 6,173
2. Texas: 4,830
3. Arizona: 3,765
4. Washington state: 3,672
5. Illinois: 3,053
6. Nevada: 2,964
7. Oregon: 2,832
8. Florida 2,554
9. Colorado: 2,482
10. Massachusetts: 2,099

The partisan breakdown below shows the party identification these voters held in their previous states. 49.3% Democrat, 34.1% nonpartisan, 14.1% Republican.

If you are a political organization or member of the media that would like to access these data please email:

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