November 15, 2021

L2 Congressional and State Legislative Redistricting Update 11/16/2021

Proposed Boundaries LIVE in L2 Voter/ConstituentMapping
("Visual" and "Selectable" explained below...)

Idaho (Visual Boundaries Only)
Iowa (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Delaware (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Arkansas (Visual Boundaries Only)
North Carolina (Visual Boundaries Only)
Alabama (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Texas (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Indiana (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
West Virginia (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Illinois (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Oklahoma (Visual Boundaries Only)
Colorado (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Oregon (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Nebraska (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)
Maine (Visual & Selectable Boundaries Available)

More on L2's Redistricting Process

The release of new and proposed redistricting boundaries is a three-stage process.
1. Visual Boundary Overlays in Voter/ConstutentMapping
2. Selectable Boundaries in Voter/ConstutentMapping
3. Updated Taxonomy in Voter/ConstutentMapping & in Files in L2 Client FTP folder

STAGE 1: As state legislatures and Governors sign off on proposed districts L2 collects the shapefiles necessary for us to first create the visual boundary files which you can see in L2’s mapping tool under “Map Controls > Boundaries” (see below).  These boundaries do not provide updated counts in the tool but only visually show you where the new boundaries are.

STAGE 2: Our next step is to make those districts selectable under “Area Selections” in our mapping tool (see below).  These selectable districts make it possible to run counts, build reports and even export data from the updated districts.

STAGE 3: The final stage of the development process is for L2 to release these data as part of our standard taxonomy for those nationwide and statewide users.  The process will be done in batches and announced in our regular weekly newsletter sign up HERE.


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