September 6, 2022

L2,Inc & Ecanvasser partnering to bring together the most trusted source in data & best-in-class canvasing technology.

September 6, 2022

L2, Inc & Ecanvasser are excited to announce the first phase of a partnership bringing together the most trusted source of voter, constituent and consumer data with the most intuitive mobile canvassing platform on the market.  L2 DataMapping users have been using data across multiple canvassing tools for decades, and the one field tool that has continually stood out, garnering the best feedback across the board, has been Ecanvasser.   This is why we are excited to bring L2 users a seamless and secure way to move data directly from L2 DataMapping to their field programs.  

As both Ecanvasser and L2 have grown, there has been a tremendous demand for an integration to securely and quickly move data between platforms. According to L2 Executive Vice President Paul Westcott, “partnering and integrating with Ecanvasser is a clear win for L2 clients….with all of L2’s partnerships, we seek out the best-in-class in each category and Ecanvasser is the best-in-class for mobile canvassing.” Westcott continued, “Our goal is to provide DataMapping users with a seamless experience with the best available tools, not something we built and are forcing them to use.” 

As we enter the final stretch of the 2022 Mid-Term Election season, L2 and Ecanvasser are excited to provide a high-quality solution for races at all levels. L2’s best-in-class voter data is updated with 2022 Primary data nationwide and 2022 General Early Return Data will be available in 40+ states. In addition to high quality, name, address and Lat/Long data needed for canvassing, L2 has also garnered a reputation for having the highest quality mobile phone data by using ten national sources and the only voter file in the industry to check all cell phone numbers against our 200MM+ national disconnect file.  L2 includes email addresses and makes data available via LiveRamp and Semcasting for digital targeting.  This means your mail, phones, texting, digital and field programs can now all work together seamlessly!

In addition to working with thousands of campaigns each cycle, L2 is the largest provider of constituent data in the United States.  We provide data to both the U.S. House & Senate as well as a growing force of state legislatures and local governments at all levels across the country. The L2/Ecanvasser integration will be available to all of our clients looking to reach their constituencies through targeted canvassing programs.    

Finally, both L2 and Ecanvasser have seen substantial growth in the consumer space. Ecanvasser has already had tremendous success in helping businesses reach consumers where they are and this integration will give businesses access to a powerful tool that combines L2’s 261 Million record national consumer database with Ecanvasser’s consumer canvassing tool.   

L2 is committed to bringing the best available tools to our customers so they can optimize the use of our data. 

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