• We aggregate a large number of data sources and have developed a clear ecosystem that allows you to easily select, analyze and micro-target the voters you need to reach faster.

      • Research and analyze your district with L2 ConstituentMapping with hundreds of micro and macro viewpoints. Explore a district from 50,000 feet or 500. Get the lay of the land before communicating with your constituents.

      • Tap into more than 250 million national consumer records, built with our trusted partners. Our consumer data services include analytics, direct-to-consumer targeting, identity resolution, lead generation, list cleaning and location planning.

      • L2’s national automotive database makes it possible to find and reach new customers based on the highest-quality in-market and vehicle purchase data matched to an unparalleled repository of consumer insights.

      • L2 has the highest quality voter file matched to trusted verified emails. You can purchase these emails for use through your own enterprise level platform or purchase/rent and send through L2’s best-in-class delivery solution.

      • L2 and Ecanvasser have partnered to bring together the highest quality voter and consumer data with the most intuitive mobile canvassing platform available.

      • We’re excited to announce that L2 data sets are now available on Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake customers will have access to L2 U.S. nationwide databases.

January 2, 2023

VIDEO: Find constituents new to your district from redistricting in L2 DataMapping

Since redistricting shifted Congressional District lines for many districts, many incumbent members are looking to reach those individuals who are “new” to their district. In L2 DataMappiing we make this easy.

  1. Log into your account and make sure your current district is selected.
  2. Go to “Area Selections > Miscellaneous Districts > Congressional Districts (2010)” — Below is an example of a selection of the current 2020 Census Based U.S. Congressional District 6 in Florida.
  3. Once you open up “Congressional Districts (2010)” you will see all of the 2010 Census-based districts that make up the current district. These are all of the “old districts” that make up the new Congressional District 6 in this case. In addition to Old District 6, old districts 11, 3 and 4 all are part of the new Congressional District 6.
  4. In order to reach just those individuals new to your district from redistricting, simply select those old districts that are not the same as the current district. In this case, 11, 3, and 4. Save that selection as a universe.
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