May 8, 2023

Send an L2 audience from DataMapping to LiveRamp

L2 is integrated with numerous digital advertising platforms and onboarding services, including LiveRamp. The L2 National, voter, consumer, and automotive taxonomies and available via LiveRamp. You can create a segment in L2 DataMapping, export the L2 IDs and then send to a member of L2's team to load into LiveRamp and distribute to any demand-side platform (DSP) or platform you choose. The steps are laid out below:

  1. Create Your Audience in L2 DataMapping: segments can be as simplistic or complex as you would like. There is no cost difference depending on the number of filters used.
  2. Save as a Universe in L2 DataMapping
  3. Export L2's unique IDs: This will export a CSV and a single column of L2's unique ID in the voter, consumer or automotive files. In the voter file it's LALVOTERID, in the consumer file it's the L2C ID and in the auto file it's the L2A ID. These IDs are unique to L2 and are not considered personally identifiable information.
  4. Email that list of IDs to the email alias and in that email let the L2 team know the DSP or other platform they would like distributed to and L2 will provide you with the information needed to get the segment delivered.

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