September 25, 2023

L2 Data Updates 9/24/2023

Please see all of the data updates below as 9/24/2023

Voter File Updates

**NEW Virginia 9/24 (Full State File Update)
**NEW North Carolina 9/24 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
**NEW Ohio 9/24 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
**NEW South Dakota 9/24 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
**NEW Rhode Island 9/24 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
**NEW Missouri 9/24 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
**NEW Utah 9/24 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Tennessee 9/21 (Full State File Update)
Alabama 9/21 (2023 Proposed Livingston Plan Congressional Distrcits)
Wyoming 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Vermont 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
North Dakota 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Kansas 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Washington, D.C. 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Louisiana 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Arizona 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Idaho 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Mississippi 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
West Virginia 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Oregon 9/21 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Oklahoma 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Maine 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Florida 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Minnesota 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
South Carolina 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Hawaii (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Massachusetts 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Indiana 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
New York 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Maryland 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Pennsylvania 9/16 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Iowa 9/13 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Wisconsin 9/13 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Texas 9/13 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
New Jersey 9/13 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Nebraska 9/11 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Arkansas 9/11 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Washington 9/8 (Full State File Update)
Montana 9/7 (Full State File Update)
Connecticut 9/7 (Full State File Update)
Colorado 9/1 (Full State File Update)
Delaware 8/31 (Full State File Update)
Nevada 8/29 (Full State File Update)
Montana 7/23 (Full State File Update)
Michigan 7/20 (Full State File Update)
Louisiana 6/25 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
New Hampshire 6/25 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Kentucky 6/25 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
New Mexico 6/12 (NCOA/Telephone Updates)
Alaska 6/2/23 (Full State Update)
California 5/22/23 (New State Release)
Georgia 4/25/23 (Full State Update w/ General 2022 Results)
Illinois 3/21/23 (Full State Update w/ General 2022 Results)

Consumer File Update

The L2 consumer file is updated quarterly, the most recent update was on 7/12/2023

In Garage Automotive Update

The L2 in garage automotive file is updated quarterly, the most recent update was on 8/27/23

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