January 30, 2024

The Cookie-less Future with L2 Data

As a leading voter, constituent, and consumer data provider, L2’s goal is to provide the highest quality data in as many places as possible. 

Offline L2 Data

L2’s DataMapping and DataMapping API give users offline access to L2's databases in a way that hasn’t been replicated in the political or consumer spaces.  Our platform allows users to instantly query hundreds of millions of consumer or voter records, save selections, and export those data in customized formats that work with thousands of different platforms. 

L2’s partnership with Snowflake is a significant first step toward making our consumer and voter databases available in a cleanroom environment. Users can query the most recent version of L2’s databases instantly and export just those data needed. Contact us today for more information!

Cookie-less World

Cookie deprecation, cookie-less future, and cookiepacolypse have all been discussed among L2 leadership and staff since Google first announced their intention to reduce or shut down third-party cookie access to advertisers altogether.  Even before that time, L2 had been forming partnerships with cookie-less alternatives, but Google’s announcement gave us further impetus to do so. 

New Data Sources and Digital Identifiers

L2’s standard voter and consumer taxonomies contain dozens of fields of personally identifiable information (PII) and hundreds of fields of demographic, consumer, voter, donor, and behavioral data. The PII L2 has long relied upon for matching includes name, address, landline, cell phone numbers, age, date of birth, e-mail address, latitude and longitude, and other traditional offline attributes. Over the past five years, L2 has substantially invested in onboarding tens of millions of new cell phones and e-mail addresses, which have long been the offline-to-online bridge. Recently, L2 has acquired hundreds of millions of mobile advertising identifiers (MAIDs) and IP addresses. Some of these acquisitions, as recent as the beginning of 2024, will provide our users and platform partners with even further reach digitally as our match to onborders (LiveRamp, TransUnion, etc.) and platforms will only increase as we improve L2's identity characteristics. Contact us for a free trial today!

Current Digital Partnerships

LiveRamp: The industry standard for offline to online matching. L2 has worked with LiveRamp since 2015. L2's voter and consumer files are available on the platform, which makes it possible for users to distribute off-the-shelf and custom segments to scores of demand-side platforms (DSPs) and other digital platforms. L2 users can create custom audiences and work with L2 to send their platform of choice. LiveRamp’s solution has long been cookie-based but they have expanded their identity graph to utilize data beyond cookies to continue to target and reach individuals digitally. 

Semcasting: Cookie-less identity resolution is quickly becoming the new gold standard, and Semcasting has been doing this since its inception. L2’s national voter file is fully integrated with Semcasting, allowing users to target individuals and households based on non-cookie-based identifiers, including IP addresses. Semcasting houses hundreds of L2 audiences and allows for creating custom audiences in their self-service AudienceDesigner.

El Toro: Specializing in one-to-one voter and consumer targeting, El Toro touts a 95% accuracy when utilizing L2’s voter and consumer databases.  This cookie-free solution is not area-based but rather household and individual-based, providing higher accuracy when matching between an offline L2 database and their IP-based digital signature data.       

IQM: Built on L2’s national voter file, IQM allows users to match first-party or even other voter file data back to the L2 file and then segment and reach those individuals through audience, location, contextual, or inventory targeting. Optimization and reporting are made easy through data-driven and automated insights.  Reporting can be done through any number of 3rd party integrations, including Google Data, Tableau, PowerBI, etc. 

The Trade Desk (UID2): Privacy-conscious and cookie-less Unified ID 2.0 or UID2 enables advertisers, agencies, ad technology companies, and ad publishers selling advertising to interoperate together in advertising workflows without third-party cookies. L2 is currently the only voter file provider and one of a few consumer file providers to make it possible to distribute custom audiences from our DataMapping interface directly to the TradeDesk using this identity-matching technology. L2 utilized email and cell phone data to provide the highest quality and confident matching.

Tru Optik (TransUnion): Tru Optik’s household identity graph and data marketplace position TransUnion as the premiere data-as-a-service provider across connected TV and streaming audio. Tru Optik/TransUnion’s 80MM+ household identity graph matched to L2’s national voter file, making it possible to target OTT/CTV at scale. 

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Other Platforms L2 has direct relationships with:

Basis, Roku/OneView, StackAdapt, TradeDesk, Viant, Simpli.fi, PubMatic, vdx.tv, NBC Universal, Pandora, iHeartMedia, Yahoo!, Beeswax, Samsung, SpotX, Nielsen, Zeta, Ampersand, Amobee, Magnite, Lotame, and many others.

These relationships mean L2 can make off-the-shelf and custom segments faster and with a simple billing between L2 and the platform or LiveRamp.  This means you don’t need a direct billing relationship with L2, cutting back on paperwork and getting your data where you need it, fast. 

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Future Cookie-less Digital Partnerships:

L2 has business relationships for cookie-free matching with the following platforms, and we are currently finalizing the technical integrations…

  • Stackadapt - a top-ranking programmatic advertising platform
  • Roku/Oneview - the ad platform built for TV streaming, is a single platform leveraging Roku's TV identity data to manage advertising across TV streaming, desktop, and mobile.
  • Madhive - A complete infrastructure for modern TV advertising, we partner with you to capture capital as it moves from linear to digital. Built for and with broadcast groups, brands, agencies, and ad tech platforms, our customizable solutions are trusted by millions and proven to perform.

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