• We aggregate a large number of data sources and have developed a clear ecosystem that allows you to easily select, analyze and micro-target the voters you need to reach faster.

      • Research and analyze your district with L2 ConstituentMapping with hundreds of micro and macro viewpoints. Explore a district from 50,000 feet or 500. Get the lay of the land before communicating with your constituents.

      • Tap into more than 250 million national consumer records, built with our trusted partners. Our consumer data services include analytics, direct-to-consumer targeting, identity resolution, lead generation, list cleaning and location planning.

      • L2’s national automotive database makes it possible to find and reach new customers based on the highest-quality in-market and vehicle purchase data matched to an unparalleled repository of consumer insights.

      • L2 has the highest quality voter file matched to trusted verified emails. You can purchase these emails for use through your own enterprise level platform or purchase/rent and send through L2’s best-in-class delivery solution.

      • L2 and Ecanvasser have partnered to bring together the highest quality voter and consumer data with the most intuitive mobile canvassing platform available.

      • We’re excited to announce that L2 data sets are now available on Snowflake Data Marketplace. Snowflake customers will have access to L2 U.S. nationwide databases.


Five uses for L2 DataMapping you may not have known

L2 DataMapping is the fastest and easiest way to analyze, select and purchase enhanced voter data. Users enjoy L2 DataMapping’s easy to use interface to make selections and purchases but may not know about some of DataMapping’s other powerful advanced features. 1.1. L2 can add your voter codes to your private L2 DataMapping account so that you can access them […]

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Use L2 DataMapping and NCC Cable boundaries to craft a targeted media strategy

L2’s media targeting allows you to make selections and do analysis beyond political boundaries. Inside L2 DataMapping you have the ability to overlay complex boundaries and make selections using NCC Cable zones, Designated Market Areas (DMAs) and Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs). Using L2 DataMapping you build a unique voter or donor universe according to […]

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Raising money with L2’s high quality donor data and L2 DataMapping

L2 can make your fundraising easier by giving you the tools to maintain, enhance, add to or start a donor list. Campaign finance rules have undergone a host of changes in recent years and are  under constant scrutiny from watchdog groups, the courts and lawmakers. Even with these changes maintaining a robust individual donor database and having the ability to […]

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Q&A: Quality political data comes at a price but not a big one

At last week’s Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) in New York City, L2 was proud to show off our quality data, high speed visualization platform, L2 DataMapping and give the mostly progressive politicos and activists from around the country a guide to working with a ‘big data’ provider. The conversation quickly moved from working with a […]

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Sign Up: L2 DataMapping Webinar 6/2

Every Wednesday at 1pmEST L2 staff walks L2 DataMapping users and prospective users through different features of the platform. This weeks training is with L2 marketing director Paul Westcott on the following basic uses of L2 DataMapping: 1. What data is available inside L2 DataMapping 2. How to select the data you need to make decisions […]

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L2 commercial data taking you beyond the voter file

L2’s commercial file is built on our high quality and constantly updated voter file. These frequent updates include running our file against the National Change of Address database (NCOA), the Social Security Death Index and five national sources for telephone numbers. In addition to our high quality voter, address and phone data L2 has hundreds of […]

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Sign Up: L2 Demo Webinar Tuesday May 19

Sign up for this demo and you’ll see L2 DataMapping from the inside and receive a link to sign up for your own trial. Date: Tuesday May 19, 2015 & Time: 1pm EDT See for the first time: 1. What data is available inside L2 DataMapping 2. How to select the data you need to make decisions […]

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Sign Up: L2 DataMapping Advanced Training Webinar 5/12

To sign up email: paul.westcott@L2political.com In this training session on May 12, 2015 at 1pmEDT (10amPDT) for L2 DataMapping we’ll cover ways you can manipulate universes to target more precisely and trim your data budget. We’ll cover how to: 1. Merge two or more universes 2. Find overlapping voters by intersecting two universes 3. Subtract two or more […]

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May 2015 L2 DataMapping export updates

L2 DataMapping is the fastest and most user friendly online voter file platform on the market. We’re able to keep L2 DataMapping first in class through constant updates without affecting the ease of use. Here are the latest updates: 1. The telemarketing export format now includes voting history for each of the up to ten […]

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Sign Up: Free L2 DataMapping Webinar Every Tuesday

Join L2’s Paul Westcott for a 30-minute weekly webinar covering basic and advanced uses for L2 DataMapping. These trainings walk users step-by-step through different functions allowing you to get the most out of your L2 DataMapping subscription.  Below is the training schedule through September 2015: To join any of these trainings please email which date […]

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